SOTB Social Gathering #1! Join us for Art Month!

13 Mar

It’s Art Month 2013! So many cool things happening and we’re a social bunch… so we thought’d we put a shout out…. and see who wants to join us for some local fun this Friday!

Come along for a ‘DIY’ tour of local galleries from 6-8pm followed by drinks at Art Bar at the very funky McLamoi Gallery. Giddy up!

So join this South of the Border social gathering! Let us know you’re coming by emailing


Art Month Sydney Redfern Chippendale


Street impressions of South…

18 Feb

Trying to come up with branding is no easy task. Kudos to all those amazing truly creative marketing folk out there.

We found being too close to everything a serious handicap! So we decided to ‘outsource’ logo creation to the crowd. Well, after over a month and way too many hours of chatting with designers in Europe, Asia and North America…. it was an epic fail. On reflection, how could these detached designers truly identify with and understand the heart and soul of South? All through a handle Lune64 or Crascho. LOL!

crowdsource logo epic fail

And while we giggle at the kangaroo/hopping clown design this process didn’t get us any closer to real meaningful storytelling branding. It was obvious we needed to get closer to home….

When thinking about who we are and what we do one thing stayed in our minds. The urban playground, where things are fun, a little ad-hoc, and where a sense of adventure creates the unexpected. That’s what got us thinking about street art and how great pieces express the passion of the streets. We want our logo to be an impression of the streets that we walk.

Working with local street artist Sidney Tapia was the ideal scenario. Getting to know us and our organisation, Sid really got to the heart of it all. Producing hand-draw sketches with meaning. We just love the fluid motion and playful optimism in this typography…

south of the border logo sketch design sid tapia

So we’re super excited about our new logo… finished product coming very soon!!

If you’re struggling for creative inspiration we strongly recommend Sid!

Important reflection on Reconciliation

12 Feb

We want to get serious for a moment or two. It’s time for everyone to reflect on a key moment in the crucial process of reconciliation between Australia’s non-indigenous and indigenous communities…

“For the pain, suffering and hurt of these Stolen Generations, their descendants and for their families left behind, we say sorry.

To the mothers and the fathers, the brothers and the sisters, for the breaking up of families and communities, we say sorry.

And for the indignity and degradation thus inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture, we say sorry.”

– Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, 13th of February 2008.

As vivid these words remain, it is hard to believe it has been five years since then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd officially apologised to the Indigenous people of Australia. This anniversary marks not only celebration of the historic day but inspiration towards continuing achievement, reparation, unity and equality for Indigenous Australians.

When the momentous Bringing Them Home Report was released in 1997, its top recommended was a national apology by Parliament to show formal acknowledgement of the Stolen Generation. Whilst each individual Australian state and territory had achieved the report’s recommendation by 2001, a national apology was yet to come. Without getting into the politics of the issue, an official apology was finally achieved in the inauguration of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd into Parliament in 2007. Soon after a Motion of Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples was presented on the 13th of February, 2008. Though this was just the start….

We need to keep working to bridge the gap of understanding. So we challenge everyone out there to reflect. How much do you know about Indigenous history and culture? At South of the Border we are working hard to ensure we can help begin to connect visitors in Redfern with Indigenous understanding. We are super passionate about the power of empathy, that is really getting to know others, as a way of bringing about positive change and reconciliation.

For those of you in Canberra tomorrow, there will be host to events such as the free “Apology – Five Years On” concert to commemorate and celebrate the day. It’s well worth checking out. Head to Canberra’s Federation Mall lawns between from 5:30pm – 10:00pm to check out amazing sets from Indigenous acts such as The Black Arm Band and The Last Kinection. More info on Facebook 🙂

Reconciliation sorry day Redfern


Getting viable on Vayable

25 Jan

We’ve recently become a part of the Vayable community, and we’re super excited we just had to tell you!

Vayable is a brilliantly vivid, international online marketplace of extraordinary local adventures given by locals. Just like us!

Each guide and their tour is put through a rigorous screening process by the Vayable team to ensure all experiences you may come across are of the highest quality, and we are terribly excited to be included in such a standard! It felt like we were having a job interview, only more fun 🙂 

South of the Border now sits proudly alongside our funky peers offering anything from exhilarating tours of San Francisco on the backseat of a motorcycle, a mobile photography workshop that explores the urban streets of Buenos Aires, to dinner at the home of an exceptional Parisian chef! We truly love this stuff!! 

Check us out at:

Sydney local experiences on vayable south of the border

All aboard the South of the Border bandwagon!

25 Jan

Roll-up, roll-up! The INCREDIBLE South of the Border Redfern experience is here! We need YOU aboard our bandwagon to help US get our show on the road!

South of the Border team, yay to crowdfunding

A few weeks ago we launched our fabulous Indiegogo crowd funding campaign with an authentically hand-made video message. Crowd  funding allows you to give a little financial support (hey let’s face it, money makes the world-go-round!) to back our groundbreaking project AND be handsomely rewarded at the same time! Who ever said good ol’ fashioned value was dead!

By backing our Indiegogo campaign to get South of the Border off the beaten track and into reality, you’ll be able to pick up one of these amazing perks…

Tickets for our Redfern experience launching in February, funky personally signed one-off Polaroids of Redfern, lunch with the Founders, private and exclusive tour experiences for you and your mates, and much more. Plus everyone receives our eternal gratitude and will know that they got behind an innovative social enterprise when it mattered most.

All money raised go keeping the bandwagon rolling forward, from creating our full website (the plans look cool by the way!), to running tours, and helping us take our mission to the far corners of Sydney.

So with only a week left on the campaign, the time for innovation is now! Secure your part of the most exciting social enterprise of 2013!

– The South of the Border team 🙂

Get down at the Yabun Festival

22 Jan

With the promise of a long weekend of beers, beaches and BBQs; Australia Day is certainly a highlight to the Australian New Year. It is important to remember though that for some, the date marks Indigenous struggle in light of British colonisation, referred to as the Aboriginal Day of Mourning or as Invasion Day. However, events such as the annual Yabun Festival invites all Australians to come together to enjoy and discover Australia Day in a whole new light.

Yabun Festival 2013 is an annual Australia Day event that celebrates the success of Indigenous culture, music and art. The Festival, which will be held at Victoria Park (at Broadway), is renowned for its exceptional musical line up, as well as the numerous stalls and interactive workshops for both kids and adults alike. Some exciting highlights to this year’s musical line-up include Archie Roach, Warren H Williams, Pitjantjatjara Man, Frank Yamma, as well as Mop and The Drop Outs.

It is a big year for the Festival, with 2013 marking the 10th anniversary of major supporter Koori Radio’s ‘Young, Black and Deadly’ project, which encourages Aboriginal youth to excel in performing arts. Also, this year marks the 20th Anniversary of Gadigal Information Service and the 75th Anniversary of the National Aborigines Progressive Association, both integral within our vibrant Indigenous culture.

However, the best way to describe the Festival comes from the Indigenous title itself. Meaning ‘music with a beat’, Yabun’s lively atmosphere offers an exhilarating Australia Day experience. We thoroughly recommend getting yourself down to Victoria Park on the 26th for what is sure to be a brilliant day!

 Festival details:

Yabun festival, Victoria Park

Saturday 26 January 2013
10am – 6pm

For more info here!

Christmas in Redfern… get amongst it!

19 Dec

As we fast approach the business end of the festive season, we thought we’d share a few local tips on how best to get into the spirit of things. Whilst the rest of the city may be overrun with flurried swarms of last-minute shoppers and the never-ending drone of cliched Christmas carols, Redfern is offering an array of exciting and unique events to truly lift your Christmas spirit!

The Christmas Show @ 107 Project
(13th – 23rd of December 2012)

The Christmas Show @ 107 Project is set to reignite the Christmas spirit of even the most stubborn scrooges. The exhibition features over 30 different local artist who have all crafted beautiful Christmas trees and decorations that embody the warm and whimsical nature of an Australian Christmas. As one of the most talked about up-and-coming venues in Redfern this year, you can expect that The Christmas Show @ 107 Project will be nothing short of spectacular.

Everleigh markets south of the border

Christmas Market @ Eveleigh Farmers Market
(22nd of December 2012)

Though the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market bustles on even the most dreary of Saturdays, you can be sure that their special Christmas Market will be as lively as a wide-eyed child on Christmas morning. Whether you’re keen to stock up on local, deliciously authentic produce for your Christmas day feast or to look for a truly special gift for someone you hold dear, you can be sure that the Eveleigh Farmers’ Christmas Market will cater to all your Christmas needs. And if you possibly need any more incentive, Santa may or may not be making an appearance.

Cana Christmas Eve Party @ Redfern Park
(24th of December 2012)

A much loved event, the volunteer-run community group Cana will be hosting their annual Christmas Eve Party in Redfern Park. The warm sense of community that Cana provides throughout the year sees over 400 people annually attend this spirited event. Whilst Cana insist that attendance is support enough, you can also purchase a charmingly gift-wrapped 1 kg Cana Christmas cake for $23, with proceeds helping Cana provide over a thousand meals to those in need over the Christmas period. So whilst you may come for a meal or a chat, you can be sure that you’ll leave with friends, memories and an elated sense of Christmas joy.

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